Hello! My name is Malia Hansen and I am the owner of Massages by Malia. I want to thank you for showing up here today and taking charge of your health and wellness.

 My focus and goal is to provide the most intentional sustainable one on one massage experience so each client feels individually cared for. Every body is different which is why I believe it to be crucial that my clients are informed, empowered, and leave my session feeling ready to take that healing home. 

When it comes to massage my philosophy is simple. I found consistency and basics were the key to a balanced system. A balanced system to me means caring for each aspect of what makes up a whole person. This means mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I believe its important to start healing from where we are and not where we think we should be or want to be. Part of my job is to help find where the healing starts for you. I deeply enjoy working with my clients to honor what our bodies are telling us and move through these pains in a safe space with positive intentional energy. 
With that said, one human simply cannot provide everything for overall health and wellness. Along with massage and self care techniques I help to provide local resources that I have found worked for many clients including myself when a combination of techniques are needed to get to the end goal of healing. This is why I enjoy and crave connection with community. I always want to be able to bring all aspects of healing into my work. This includes but is not limited to meditation, yoga, sustainable living and food lifestyles. I always seek to work with businesses and people that align with my mission and have similar values, intentions and processes. 
If you are looking to enjoy lasting therapeutic relationships with a massage therapist who cares about your long-term health and wellness, Massages by Malia is here for you. Schedule your session with Malia through text or call at 515-204-188. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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