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Tropical Leaves

What do we value?



You can count on me to always be honest and lead with integrity when it comes to your wellness and time. I believe in ethical practices and open communication to help uphold this value. 


I understand and experience deeply how the people and things that surround us affect us. The treatment room is created and crafted in a way that induces feelings of cozy and calm.  


 innovation is knowing the best way to predict the future is to create it and I deeply believe in that. A part of this is never forgetting to be creative. In order to let our creativity flow we must slow down and I practice this often in my business and life.


Whether it's collaborations or supporting in other ways I take local and small business support to heart. I often outsource to places that have helped me in my healing and wellness journey personally because healing is a community practice as much as it is an individual one.

Empowerment & Compassion:

in and towards oneself as well as others

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